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Whether you have lost your key, left it in a locked car or broke it off at the ignition or door lock, a Car Lockout is waiting for you and could derail all the plans you have set for the day unless a provider that offer express service comes to your rescue. Jimmy’s  Car Key Locksmith Bowie is one of those services that responds fast when it gets a distressed call from a client who needs help immediately. We have in place the proper structure to allow us to react quickly when a customer is in urgent need.


If you have been locked out of car and need help as soon as possible, we are the right service provider to seek help from. We are always ready to jump in the truck to come and help you and are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whether it is on a weekend or on a holiday. If you are stranded, our mobile service can come quickly to assist you which is possible because we are locally based and focused on serving Bowie customers.

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Locked Out Service - Unlock Car Bowie Maryland


Do not overreact of get worried if you have keys locked in car. The temptation to use brunt tools to force the door or window to crack open to get your keys can be great if you are desperate to use your vehicle, which we can understand. However, if you call us, we can use our dedicated and proper tools for this job that can extract your keys securely without causing any damage to your windows, locks or doors.


When they happen, auto lockouts are unpleasant and can cause your blood pressure to rise, but if you call us quickly, what started off as a distressed situation can have a happy ending. We have come to the rescue of many customers and many have thanked us for our care and for our quick response. We can do the same for you at any time that you need our help because to us the most important thing is solving a customer’s problem fully and within a reasonable amount of time. We appreciate and are aware that happy customers are our best ambassadors and won’t hesitate to send referral business our way.

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