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Jimmy’s Car Key Locksmith Bowie has the latest technology that assists you when you need to replace your chip transponder key. We keep ourselves informed about the trends in automotive technology to make sure that when our customers need help especially in the latest models we know how to quickly serve them. You won’t find a service provider that provides as many varieties of services of high quality as we do. What is even better is that we are available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Have you lost your auto key transponder or do you have one that does not function? When this device does not work or if you no longer has it how would you unlock your vehicle, or better question is how would you disarm your engine kill if your alarm was on?

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Transponder Chip Keys - Transponder Key Replacement Bowie Maryland


When you need transponder key replacement our locksmiths will make you one within a short time. If you don’t have a spare, it is impossible to crank your engine if you alarm is one. But with the knowledge that our techs have, they can get you back on the road shortly. We commit a lot of resources in terms of time and effort to give our staff the skills that they require so that they can continue learning both on the job and formerly once they start working for us. As a business that caters to the growing needs of customers, we are always learning and improving our services and constantly finding new and better ways of serving our clients.


In case you need transponder chip programming we have the skills and the techniques that one requires to program your device. Without being able to communicate with the alarm mechanism in your car, your remote will no work. So if it has failed due to program issues, we can restore it quickly. There are certain procedures that are required to be followed and there are codes that are needed to effectively get your device programmed. Our techs are aware of all of them and no matter what type of vehicle you drive they can help you. We take great pride in a job well done and offering our customers services that exceed their needs and their expectations. Call us today and you will experience this superior service.

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