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If you drive a car, you will encounter mechanical issues for sure because anything that is mechanical must need repair and maintenance. What many people don’t imagine of think about is that they will need to replace auto keys. This is needed if you lose them which will cause you to get stranded if you don’t have a spare or if your cousin Sue is not available to give you a ride.


When you encounter this difficulty, call Jimmy’s Car Key Locksmith Bowie because we have the perfect solution for your trouble. You don’t have to move an inch; all you have to do is call us and within a moment someone will be on their way to provide you with car key replacement. What if I am stuck in the middle of the night and your service is closed for the day, you ask. No matter what time you need help, we are always open 24 hours a day ready to help you. Jimmy’s Car Key Locksmith Bowie is available 365 days a year to serve all our customers who don’t stop needing their vehicles just because it is at night or a holiday.

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Keys Made - Lockout Service - Auto Key Replacement Bowie Maryland


Having a lost auto key is bad enough, but what is worse is that you get into a car lockout situation especially if this happened after you securely locked your vehicle and turned on the alarm in the process. Our technicians are not just available around the clock; they are also highly trained and extensively skilled to offer you the services that you need quickly and conveniently. Do you need service now and not tomorrow or much later in the day? Then we are ready and waiting for your phone call.


If you haven’t lost your automotive keys, but your transponder key has quit working, we can assist you. The first thing you should do when this happens before you call a technician is check you battery to make sure it hasn’t ran out. If you install a new battery and still the problem persists, then you can call for help. We can repair or replace your remote easily and fast because we have the tools and the skills. We also have many remotes that would work with your type of car that we can program easily. If you have an issue with your ignition key after finding that it locked up on you and won’t turn to start the engine, our technicians can repair it quickly or replace it since we have these parts in stock.

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